Mark Biermann

“Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness The team at CD Strata provide an amazing professional service. Herlyn and her team are very responsive and proactive, delivering all the means possible to achieve the end result. It is a pleasure to be working with the team and would highly recommend CD Stata.” - Mark Biermann

Natalia Cesare

“Thank you to the team at CD Strata for going above and beyond and remaining professional in all their business dealings. The staff are well trained and lead by a fantastic business owner. I don’t hesitate recommending them to anyone in need of Strata services!!” - Natalia Cesare

Samantha Cole

“Positive: Responsiveness Within recent months, I have received a fantastic level of service from CD Strata. Karen, Nicole and Taya have been quick to respond to requests and they are always willing to help :)” - Samantha Cole

Zac Barr

“Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness CD Strata responded quickly to a number of arising issues and saw them through to being fully resolved. Our strata manager was helpful, thorough and very knowledgeable.” - Zac Barr