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At CD Strata we have a relentless commitment to providing exceptional service to our local community. We do this by helping our clients to:

Save Money

We conduct a SMART Audit for FREE (worth $500) for all new clients, reviewing your existing agreements and financials to find savings and better solutions.

Save Time​

We have the industry leading online portal where you can find all your important building documents, communicate with your strata manager, and other owners and committee members.

Happier Communities

We always aim to solve our clients issues in a timely manner. This includes responding to your enquiry within 24 hours.

Our clients say it best


I’m very happy with the prompt, professional, and friendly service provided by Chris Darby Strata. Especially Herlyn, she’s a gem!

Carol Hicklenton


Herlyn is a true professional as a strata manager and its been a pleasure working with her. I can highly recommend her for any building to take care of.

Alex Alexiou


Chris Darby Strata & Linda Black, our strata manager, have always been helpful, efficient & responsive to any queries, repairs & other issues that arise. Their professionalism & attention to detail is much appreciated.

Anne Ebony Quinlivan


Chris Darby Strata responded quickly to a number of arising issues and saw them through to being fully resolved. Our strata manager was helpful, thorough and very knowledgable.

Zac Barr